Modified Customer Interface (MCI)

Modified Customer Interface (MCI)

Modified Customer Interface (MCI) has been launched by UBL for Contingency Mechanism. TPP can gain access to the customer data through MCI channel in case of any fallback/failure in the dedicated interface.TPP can connect the MCI over TLS connection with valid eidas certifcate.In order to access the MCI APIs the TPP has to onboarded with UBL.

Through MCI TPP can access the customer data like account details, balance and transaction etc…and make domestic immediate, domestic schedule and domestic standing order payments.

We provide a test facility (sandbox) to enable you to perform functional and connectivity testing of your applications

Access MCI API

To access the MCI APIs, please follow the steps below:

  • 1. Obtain eidas certificate from National Certificate Authority (NCA)
  • 2. Onboarded with Open Banking
  • 3. Onboarded with UBL using Open Banking SSA in PSD2 Developer Portal.
  • 4. You have to send the MCI access request email to our email address with following details.
    • your company name and contact details
    • your competent authority registration number (or application reference)
    • TPP Client Id
    • Registered APP Name
  • 5. UBL will send the technical guidance document to your registered mail address if UBL approved your request.

Summary of Technical Specification

The services available in online banking for account information services and payment initiation services are:

  • Account information services
    • Balance
    • Transaction history
    • View beneficiaries
    • View scheduled payments
  • Payment Initiation services
    • Domestic payments
    • Domestic schedule payments
    • Domestic Standing Order Payments (Recurring payments)
  • Confirmation of Funds (CBPII)
    • Confirmation of Funds

TPP can request the detail technical specifications guide to access the above services by sending the email request to UBL.

UBL sample API request and response

Request Header
Parameter content type application/xhtml+xml
Name Value
Name Value
HTTP/1.1 200